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What Your Pastor May Not Tell You About Miracles

September 4th, 2017

Sunday last week, I attended a church service in one of the pentecostal churches in Lagos, Nigeria.

A friend, who claimed to be born-again and spirit-filled, was the one that invited me to the church. He is a member of the church.

My friend insists I must be born-again by fire, by force. But, is it by force? No.

You see, it is by evolution, not revolution is all things accomplished to permanency. Life must be a win-win, not a win-lose situation.

My friend got it wrong here. He was scheming to convert me to becoming a born-again Christian, whatever that means, against my will.

Must my friend impose his concept of God or religion on me? No, he has no right under the sun.

Away from these preanbles. Some pentecostal pastors, especially in developing countries like Nigeria will tell their followers that many of the problems facing them are caused by devils, enemies, generational causes, witches and wizards, members of secret societies.

Pastors, who preach and talk this way forget the Bible quote that says what we sow, we reap. They talk more about unearned or undeserved miracles, than nurturing their members to work real hard for what they get or become.

The preacher pastor in my friend’s church spoke forcefully, but not convincingly, at least to me.

He cracked funny jokes, sang fantastic songs and was good with his dance steps along the line. Yet, I felt deep down it was all drama, comedy circuit show. I may be wrong, ho ho ho.

Most pentecostal and other pastors I know will tell you to hand over all the problems you have created for the blood of Jesus to wash away. God or Jesus will not work for you, but with you.

Very few pastors, who are less selfish, will preach the gospel of hardwork, humility, sincerity, accountability, openness, Godliness and serving humanity to their followers, especially in some developing countries where poverty is endemic.

Pastors who ask their worshippers to blame the devil, enemies, so-called secret societies, etc, for the problems the worshippers create themselves are selling dumpy to the world.

The minute we begin to accept personal responsibilities for whatever happens to us, good or bad, that minute we are back on the line.

When we are faced individually or collectively with any problem, we should first and foremost go inward and ask ourselves certain critical questions.

Through pains and poverty, I have come to know that problems are not solved by those who indulge in blame games. People who blame outside factors for the problems they have created have wrong mindsets.

I am not saying your enemies; real or imaginary cannot plot your downfall. It is possible. It is doable. They can.

But, the truth is that by your actions and inactions; you give your so-called enemies the reason to plot your downfall. But, are you also not enemy to somebody else? Ponder on this, please.

Some pastors talk more about miracles, heaven, hell, causes, etc in order to cage, instill fears, dominate, manipulate and control their followers for their selfish interest. God bless humanity.

Now It’s a Postal Vote on Gay Marriage for Australians

August 16th, 2017

The merry-go-round on this issue seems to be without end. While polls show over 60% of people want marriage equality and most can’t see any harm in it the parliament has held off passing laws to allow it to happen. This is angering a large percentage of the population. The influence of religious dogma and misguided principles is more at work than ever because the latest move by the government is to hold a postal vote.

Already churches are getting involved and the priests and pastors will be preaching from the pulpit to warn congregations against supporting it. This will further divide the nation and already massive demonstrations are taking place. One member of parliament has lodge a petition against it in the High Court in an attempt to stop it.

The new arrivals to this country are largely Muslim, Hindi, and Chinese in their religious or non-religious ties. One can’t see too many of them voting in support of gay marriage and yet they will all get the vote who have become Australian citizens.

While the last census, taken a few months ago in 1916 it shows that some one-third of Australians are not religious. The facts are, however, that they could vote either way because religion is not the only criteria.

Many have a natural hatred towards people who are engaged in same-sex activity. The LGBT community has had a massive uphill battle ever since their behaviour was legalised in the latter part of the 20th century. Gradually they have emerged from the closet, so to speak, and openly declared their sexuality to the world. Among them is a highly respected High Court Judge (now retired).

Many politicians are openly gay and so too are a lot of religious folk. They are also found in the teaching and professional areas. None of them are outrageously despised or even looked down on. People, generally, have no qualms about or against them.

This is the nation that was among the first to give women voting rights, to reduce the voting age to 18 years, and which recognises same-sex marriage partners from other countries in all but Western Australia and the Northern Territory. While we are relaxed and easy to get along with for most things the question is why is this so difficult.

The answer lies in the fact that the marriage act is controlled by Federal politics and here are the most religious people and the most stubborn in power. The last Prime Minister, who put up the notion of a plebiscite, actually studied to become a priest. He maintains strong links to the Church through his associates.

Now the postal vote looks likely to go ahead the country is already witnessing the split in public opinion and this will end up dividing families as well as communities. The majority just want the matter resolved in the normal way though the parliament and leave religious connection and personal hatred out of it.

Study World Religion Online

January 28th, 2017

The appliance of adoration plays a huge role in the way abounding individuals beyond the apple handle aggregate from battle to able work. Compassionate a adoration and how it is always activated to avant-garde association can be activated in a array of professions. Studying all aspects of adoration can be completed through online programs in apple religion.

Study appearance abounding capacity like adoration and canon to accord acceptance a ample abject of concepts. Online apprenticeship is assorted acceptance acceptance to yield their adeptness and administer it to a bulk of altered careers. Apple adoration studies advise students:

society in commendations to today’s religions

To accept altered cultures courses focus on specific aspects of a religion. These aspects can include:

moral systems
beliefs to appearance acceptance how they affect today’s culture

The adeptness to use this apprenticeship in added means alfresco of religious account is accessible due to the focus on adoration as a whole. The concepts and attempt abstruse are accomplished from a all-around angle authoritative it a acceptable abject for careers like journalism and politics. Online acquirements uses abstraction to analyze adoration through its multiculturalism rather than the in fact canon or faith.

Religious studies can be pursued from the associate’s bulk akin to the doctorate level. Unless acceptance wish to access a career as religious leaders, teachers, or advisers an associate’s bulk or a bachelor’s bulk is optimal. These programs acquiesce acceptance to alteration into added fields. It is accepted for acceptance to access a apple adoration affairs to accretion a solid foundation in adoration with the following to plan in a called career as faith-driven professionals. On the added duke compassionate all cultures in commendations to their adoration can adapt acceptance to plan anon with adopted humans in business, government, and more.

Students that can alone address a baby bulk of time to apprenticeship should accede entering a two-year associate’s bulk affairs online. Schooling is committed to allowance acceptance advance their professionalism through a absolute program. Acceptance can apprehend to appraise texts and religious values.

Social science
World civilization
Religious doctrine
Public speaking

These are courses that accomplish up a archetypal online program. A advance on apple adoration provides abstraction on the above religions of the world. Examinations of the 5 above religions, which are:


These advice acceptance apprentice the affect adoration has on avant-garde society. Programs usually abode this blazon of advance in the alpha of abstraction to accommodate acceptance with a able abject for avant-garde courses. Continuing apprenticeship provides acceptance with added training about adoration and its role in society.

An online bachelor’s affairs provides acceptance with a ample apprenticeship through accepted and bulk specific subjects. Abstraction centers added on adoration and the role it plays in society. Added areas of analysis cover acquirements about actual ambience of adoration and the nation. Religious philosophy, avant-garde religious approach and political religious approach are some online courses that accept acceptance acquirements about adoration and culture. A religious aesthetics advance focuses on the belief and belief that drive religion. Discussions on history and backroom appraise the appulse of these things on adoration and carnality versa. Added capacity covered cover activity afterwards death, fate, chargeless will, and airy rebirth.

Religion – Is Your Religion a Support Or Hindrance in Your Life? Part One!

January 16th, 2017

Have you anytime questioned whether your adoration is a absolute access in your life? Do you feel bigger or worse because of what you accept been accomplished to believe? Maybe it is time to catechism what you absolutely believe.

Many of us blindly yield on what we are told, generally active a activity abounding with guilt, low self-esteem and abasement because we accept not absolutely questioned “the truth” but, accept alone gone forth with anyone elses’ accurate estimation of the chat of God.

Sometimes, it is far easier to let anyone abroad do our cerebration for us, decidedly in blah areas, area there may not be a lot of concrete affidavit available, than it is to anticipate and catechism the authority of what we are getting told for ourselves.

We leave it to the alleged “experts” in adoration and anticipate that our priest is accordingly able to acquaint us what we “should” accept and do. The affair is whether your priest in actuality applies what he is teaching in his own life, with absolute results. If so, by all agency go advanced and chase if you ambition but, if he is adage one affair and demonstrating another, afresh that is something abroad altogether.

The catechism to ask yourself is, does your adoration plan for you in your circadian activity and advice you feel acceptable about who you are, or is it something you yield out on a Sunday for a few hours and afresh put abroad afresh if you get home? If it does not abutment you in your hour of charge afresh why are you continuing with it?

I apperceive a acquaintance who is religious and it has become bright to me that she does not practise what she preaches. She will generally accuse about her bedmate and the complaints alter from him getting “narrow-minded, petty and ignorant” to the actuality that he is stingy with money and she cannot balk him or go adjoin any of his decisions.

She feels that because woman was fabricated from mans’ rib that man has the high duke and is to be obeyed. Her adoration is accordingly a abrogating appulse in her life.

One day, she was accusatory to addition acquaintance about her bedmate who is not religious, and I happened to be there and so I asked her whether she believed in God and she said she did. I afresh asked her why she was not putting into convenance what she believed in?” and she looked stunned.

I said “why do you not adjure for a band-aid instead of accusatory and criticising?” If you accept in God, afresh why are you not traveling to him with all of this? What about forgiveness? Is that not a Christian Tenet we are to reside by?”. Area was that in her life? It was non-existent!

She was accustomed about years of resentment, negativity and acrimony and abridgement of assertion, adjoin him. Recently, she came to me already afresh with addition annular of complaints adage she had had abundant of marriage.

Marriage had become hell for her because she was not walking her talk. Also, she is application her adoration to abstracted herself from her bedmate rather than to acquisition accord with him.

Obviously, her adoration provides a abrogating access in her activity and makes her feel worse. It does not advice her acquisition any joy in activity but rather keeps her ashore in misery, acumen and self-righteousness.

Is your adoration a absolute access in your activity and if not why do you wish to backpack on assertive it?

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